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Retreat and Recharge

Take time out to Retreat and Recharge with Channel Mind and Body in the beautiful forested hills of Oyster Cove.

Relax and absorb the peaceful natural surrounds of the lush temperate forest. Release muscular tension with a gentle flowing Stretch sequence and re-energise with the meditative moves of Qi Gong.

Experience personalised training with up to six people at this unique small group Retreat. Your Retreat & Recharge weekend includes one night's stay in comfortable accommodation and all meals.

Tai Chi Retreat

Experience a sense of peace and harmony through the principles of Qi Gong and Tai Chi at this enriching retreat surrounded by beautiful Tasmanian bush.

Completely relax at our comfortable Oyster Cove studio and enjoy the rewarding benefits of this gentle meditation in motion. Feel calm and centred with this easy to remember routine, a flowing Tai Chi sequence that you can continue to practise in the comfort of your own home.

Your Tai Chi Retreat ensures a personalised learning environment with a maximum of six people and includes one night's accommodation and all meals.

Beautiful landscape surrounded by tall trees and bush. Lorrell is a fantastic teacher, I liked her individual approach. I feel energised and at the same time relaxed. Eli.


I feel fully relaxed, centred and deeply re-energised. Great instructions tailored to individual needs and capabilities. Beautiful bush setting. Letting go of all stresses and worries. Lovely healthy food, Excellent ! Claudia.

Crafted Retreat

Treat yourself to a specialised retreat where you can fully immerse yourself in a variety of movement therapies from Pilates, Stretch Therapy, Tai Chi and more.

Your fully accredited instructor ensures that personalised training is guaranteed and especially crafted to suit your fitness style. 

Enjoy three training sessions a day, plus one nights accommodation in original bush cabins and all meals included.

The setting is beautiful and calm and the space light and airy. Margaret .