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Achieve your health and fitness goals with a Channel Mind and Body Personal Training program designed especially for you.

Keeping your lifestyle in mind your program is created to help you stay motivated and feel inspired to become fitter, stronger and more flexible.

If you have an aching back, niggly knee, shoulder twinge or general discomfort learn how to strengthen or stretch unbalanced muscles and help bring stability back to your body. At your request we can communicate with your GP or health professional to ensure continuity of care with your wellbeing program.

Another great way to inspire your fitness journey is Small Group PT with your friends or partner. By sharing the experience and the cost Small Group PT gives each person the benefits of a personalised program and motivational support from each other.

I’ve found muscles I never knew I had, and after only a few weeks, I'm feeling fit and vital.    Well, actually... I feel fantastic ! Glenda.

I can feel my core strength improving and I believe this has helped lessen the niggly back pains Lorrell's sessions have been just at the right level for me and she seems to know just when to increase the challenge! Penelope.

Very experienced and personalised targeted exercise sessions within a sensitive and enjoyable session. With such positive change in fitness and sense of wellbeing my motivation is high.  Janet .