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Hip Hip Hooray

Learn to let go with stretch and strength exercises for the hips. Target hip flexors, piriformis and other muscles supporting the hips. Help alleviate sciatica and other hip related issues so you can sing Hip Hip Hooray !


Finding Balance   

If we don’t have balance we fall over..

Discover the key concepts of balance through your mind-body connection with gentle excercises to help you find your point of balance and bring awareness to the muscles required for better balance.

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gallery/knees 1

Kneed to Know ?

Need to know what’s going on with your knees? In this session become more aware of your daily movement patterns and learn the importance of correct alignment to help take the pressure off your knees.


Nurture by Nature

Feel nurtured by nature on this special exercise experience walking along side two gentle horses to a magnificent lookout on beautiful Bruny Island.

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Shoulder On

Do you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Are you constantly hunched with a poor posture or from using technology. Learn how to release tension in the shoulder region and march freely on.

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Boot Camp  

Enjoy dynamic outdoor fitness fun with a full on fitness blast. Test your endurance with  exciting exercise drills in stunning locations. 


Get a Grip 

A gripping experience but no need to fear these strength and mobility exercises for the wrists and hands will help manage carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI and other handy matters.


Happy Feet

Our feet connect us to the earth, they help keep us balanced, centred and grounded. Without so much as a nod they are often ignored, shoved in shoes and forgotten until we end up with sore tired feet. Sad feet can radiate pain and discomfort in our legs, back and neck. Learn how to nurture your feet with gentle exercises to feel footloose and fancy free again!