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Qi Gong & Tai Chi - 5 week course, starts Monday 29th April 2019, 10-11am - Alonnah Hall, Bruny Island

Stand strong during this five week course as you learn level one Yang style Qi Gong & Tai Chi including the principles of this style of movement, the correct form and breathing patterns.

Discover more about your point of balance, learn about safe weight transference, build strength, improve mobility and coordination all while you enjoy the flowing moves and calming meditative effects of this gentle exercise sequence.

Each week we will add another layer to the routine to develop muscle memory and experience a sense of wellbeing from the benefits of this ancient internal style of martial arts.

Course Cost - $80.

I feel fully relaxed, centred and deeply re-energised. Great instructions tailored to individual needs and capabilities. Letting go of all stresses and worries.  Excellent ! Claudia.